Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Acts of Violence

So, this morning was a new shooting in Orlando. I'm in complete disbelief of these random acts of violence. I say random meaning all of a sudden, not much to go on when it comes to why these people are doing these things. How are these things being allowed to happen??

First, the random shooting of the Seattle police officer where someone drove past and just opened up fire. Granted there are a million reasons why this could have happened to him, but at this point it seems as if it was a random act of violence.

Second, the shooting at Ft. Hood yesterday. Again, why did this happen??

And today, the shooting in Orlando at the Gateway building? I'm getting scared at this point.

This could happen anywhere, at any given time. I had this horrible dream last night about being gunned down in my own home and being the only one to survive and pretending as if I were dead so the gunmen would go away. This morning, I can't get the images of my dream out of my head. I shouldn't be worried about this stuff. No one should be worried about this stuff. I know people always say don't worry about the 'what ifs' or 'anything could happen - you need to live your life in the moment' etc., etc. however, it's easier said than done.

I'm sickened by these things. Why is it that some people think killing others is acceptable? Why do they think they should end other people's lives to make themselves feel better? Why do they do this and then kill themselves? What is the point? Why, why, WHY?!!?!

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Elizabeth Golden said...

Toni I have been pondering the same thing myself. I think these people have a false sense of entitlement. Then when things don't work out they become frustrated. Of course they have been told and have said over and over again it is not their fault when something goes wrong in their life, it is some one else's. Then they snap and kill people who they perceive to be the problem.
I think it stems from not making people, children accountable for their choices. It is a pattern of enabling that goes on for a lifetime. Then when the enablers are gone these people have a meltdown.
I have wept for all of these victims and their families. Such madness.