Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Collage Pieces

Well, let's try this again - I tried to post this once already but apparently, I'm not being smarter than the computer.

I received the new Pier 1 imports catalogue today and I was thumbing through just looking with a new set of eyes. I found these pieces and I was just going to cut them up, tear them up, and add them to my pages however, I thought some of you might like them as well. So, I scanned them up for you and also made a few color copies for myself. I'm starting to work smarter at this stuff and make copies of the things I love. Instead of only having one - I'll have a ton.

I'm not quite sure what the rules are for this - but I figured since I referenced Pier 1 Imports they wouldn't be so horribly agravated that I posted this to my site. If they are offended, well, I'll take them down...until then, click on the pictures, make them bigger and feel free to use them on your page. I mean, I'm sure you'd do it anyway if you received the catalogue. *shrugs* ENJOY!!!!


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

LOL! I was just looking at this flyer from Pier 1 Imports lastnight after watching Teesha Moores Videos! Great artists think alike! lol. I love the pages you have done after being inspired by her! I am going to start some soon too!

Aimeslee said...

Well, that makes 3 of us, lol. The boots and skirt you used is scanned in on my computer, too. It's just too fraught with journaling possiblities. This was delightful karma and synchronicity to read this, and funny too. Great journal pages, toni.