Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Art Puppy

Today, I took a 'mental health' day from work today. No, really, I felt like garbage when I woke up this morning. Thought maybe I was getting a sinus infection but, I took some medicine and took a little nap and then I felt much better. I could have gone into work but chose NOT to. So, I worked on today's Blissfully prompt (which I won't be sharing here - It's a bit goofy, and entirely too personal) and all day while I was working my puppy sat right next to my computer table with me and watched me and out the window while I worked away on my art stuff in between answering hundreds of e-mails. Here she is :) Introducingggg....Halo!


Tammy said...

Halo looks like a great, creative companion! Looks like you have a bright, sunny spot to play. Love the red pillow!

Lori Wostl said...

great page - a first try??? - totally fun.