Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hello my lovelies -
Wow - it has been a very exciting week. As most of you already know, I gave notice at my job yesterday and I'm really excited about taking on this new adventure. I've had a really hard time at my company and am sad that things ended up this way; however, choices needed to be made so I could take care of myself and my wellbeing.

In celebration of my new found freedom, I am doing this Blog Giveaway. To win this giveaway, you will really need to dig deep and take a chance on yourself, just as I have this week. The books being given are: Stitch Alchemy by Kelli Perkins and the Decorated Journal by Gwen Diehn. These treasures will be accompanied with a little grab bag of journaling goodies.

Between now and midnight Friday April 8thh, go through your journal pages, art, writings, musings, etc. and find a few pieces of art that you look at and feel that you were completely honest with yourself. These pieces of art are rarely shared with the public so, take a good look at these pieces and allow yourself to share. Allow your fellow blog friends to experience this art with you. Please post this piece onto your blog, come back to this post and comment with a link to your blog.

I will review these postings and pick the winner on Saturday and will post the winner on my blog along with a link to your blog.

Your books will be shipped to you no later than Monday. Happy Blogging! xoxo


sara said...

what a challenge! I don't have a blog that I use, really. Can I post to my flickr?

Congrats again about the job situation! Glad you're happy!


oil painting workshop said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

Fran said...

Hi Toni, Congratulations on following your dream! Here is my journal entry, hope you like.


Toni said...

Posting to Flickr is just fine as long as you come back and leave me a link! Happy Posting.