Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sam/Sandy/Wonderfully, Talented, strong woman!

So, I know this wonderfully creative woman who makes the most beautiful jewelry out of stones. I don't know what to say without saying too much...but, I wanted to take the time to share some of her pieces. I'm hoping to get a sand dollar one from Santa/Dad/Birthday fairy...So, maybe I'll get lucky. I love sand dollars...I think some of you know this already. I love walking the beach and picking up the broken ones. I hate when they get broken by people carelessly driving on the beach or just crunching them because they don't care. They are such a beautiful creation, that they shouldn't be broken into a million pieces. So, I just take them home with me so they don't have to get smooshed even more. Anyways, Here are a few of her gorgeous pieces. Her name is Sandy. I hope you all enjoy her work as much as I do. She's extremely talented!

You can find her featured at Ebb Tide Gallery and on Etsy


Carolyn said...

his jewelry is absolutely amazing!! I was so disappointed to find that her stores are no longer open : (

Anonymous said...

I love the tree one!!!