Monday, December 7, 2009

A buncha new stuff...

Hi everyone...
Wow, it's been a few days, even weeks maybe since my last post. Oi! I have a lot to catch everyone up on.

First, I received my ATC for my Sketchbook Sisters ATC swap. I got so lucky as to receive Rita's lovely work. The picture doesn't do much justice, but the word is 'Destiny' and surprisingly enough, I've been thinking and questioning 'Destiny' lately so, it was absolutely perfect. The texture is wonderful and I adore the face stamp. I haven't quite figured out how people color in the more intricate part of the stamps after it's been pressed to paper. (it just took me 17 tries to type the word paper-ugh) Anyways, I'll have to work on this and experiment with it...something else to add to my ta-do list! Yay!

Next, I two weekends ago I went to the Portland Arts Bazarre because I saw on the fabulously creative Tracyville blog, that Tracy herself would be there. I've been following her blog for quite some time and absolutely love everything she does. I got my hands on this little gem and refused to leave without it. Tracy was so polite and warm. I don't talk about art stuff with real people most of the time, so I was shocked when she asked if I make stuff response was 'uh, yea, kinda, some stuff, I uh, paint, uh draw, blah, blah, awkward, awkward' hehehe. She was very gracious and didn't make me feel like a dufus! Thank you, Tracy for my amazingly creative, beautiful, and fun Christmas stocking. I'm thrilled I get to keep it for years to come!! It's a wonderful addition to my holiday! Look -see :)

k - Well, since blogger is being uncooperative, I must do a second post with photos of my two new sketchbook spreads.


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Melisa said...

Love that stocking!